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Board and Executives

  • Ian Rollins BA, MResDev

    Managing Director

  • Jamie Reeves BA (Hons)

    Executive Director

  • Matthew Richardson BSc (Hons), Grad Dip Div

    Executive Director

  • Richard Wankmuller

    Non-Executive Director and Board Chair


    Non-Executive Director

  • Vanessa (Fernandes) Sullivan BEc (Hons) GradDip Applied Finance GAICD

    Non-Executive Director

  • Belinda Kimber GIA (Affiliated)

    Company Secretary

  • Lawrence Smith GAICD

    Executive Director – Commercial

  • Clare Luehman GAICD, FCA

    Executive General Manager – Natural Capital, Finance and Technology

  • Robyn Dunn

    Executive General Manager – People and Culture

  • Luke Baker B App Sc | Accredited BAM Assessor

    Executive General Manager – Operations

Leadership Team

  • Dr Amanda Griffith BSc (Hons), PhD

    Manager – Natural Capital Supply

  • Ashley Parker BA Archaeology

    Head of Technology

  • Dr Cairo Forrest BSc (Hons), PhD (Ecology/Genetics) | Accredited Assessor

    Practice Leader – Ecology

  • Chani Wheeler BSc, MConsBiol, MEIANZ

    Principal – Ecology

  • Ishara Kotiah BSc. Land Surveying

    Manager – Spatial Services

  • Jane Austen BA Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology

    Principal – Heritage

  • Dr Justin Shiner BA (Hons), PhD (Archaeology)

    Manager – Heritage VIC

  • Dr Kevin Rains BSc, BA (Hons), PhD

    Principal – Heritage, Historical Heritage Specialist

  • Dr Morgan Disspain PhD, BArch. (Hons)

    Manager – Heritage NSW & QLD

  • Paresh Prasad BCom Accounting and Management & Public Admin, ASA CPA

    Financial Controller

  • Dr Radika Michniewicz BSc (Hons), PhD

    Manager – Ecology

  • Sian Griffiths BEnvSc (Hons) | Accredited BAM and Biobanking Assessor

    Practice Leader – Ecology

  • Simon Tweed B Env Sc (Hons)

    Manager – Natural Capital Strategy

  • Stephen Bloomfield B App Sc (Coastal Mgmt)

    Principal – Ecology

  • Stewart Armstrong B Arch

    Practice Leader – Heritage Architect

  • Deirdre Lewis-Cook BA, MA (Hons)

    Principal – Heritage, Osteoarchaeologist/Zooarchaeologist

  • Dave Fleming BSc (Hons), CEnvP, MEIANZ

    Senior Principal – Natural Capital Strategy