Deirdre Lewis-Cook BA, MA (Hons)
Principal - Heritage, Osteoarchaeologist/Zooarchaeologist

Deirdre has almost 20 years of archaeological experience working on a wide range of projects conducting site survey, subsurface testing, and salvage excavations at Indigenous and non-Indigenous sites across NSW, ACT, WA and VIC. She has experience working with Federal and State agencies as well as private companies and individuals on numerous archaeological projects.
Deirdre’s experience in heritage consulting includes project management, planning and carrying out lithic identification, field survey, excavation, salvage excavation, monitoring briefs and stakeholder liaising. Deirdre has worked on numerous linear infrastructure, SSD and SSI projects over the years ranging from water pipelines, rail and road corridors and electric and telecommunication easements. Deirdre has experience working in densely populated areas, next to busy highways and in remote locations. Deirdre’s role and experience extends into osteoarchaeology and zooarchaeology where required.