We create a positive impact
for people and nature.

Working with project proponents early in a project’s planning phase we can provide strategic advice to shape the design of the project. We have helped clients avoid or minimise biodiversity impacts, meet offset requirements efficiently and often provide additional opportunities for nature-positive outcomes.

We also work with landholders seeking to establish their land as a biodiversity offset site, to create and sell biodiversity credits.

We have considerable experience brokering the purchase and sale of biodiversity offset credits and have developed our own unique and proprietary Biodiversity Offset Exchange (BOE) database, allowing our team to match credit demand and supply in an instant.

Supply origination

Supporting landholders and businesses to build nature-based projects.

Biodiversity stewardship for landholders

For landholders, biodiversity offsetting is an innovative way to generate an additional income from the land, while providing positive outcomes for the environment.

Niche works with land owners and managers to guide them through the process of establishing a conservation site, generating and selling credits.

To help landholders take the first step in assessing the potential of their land for conservation under the NSW Biodiversity Offset Scheme, we’ve developed The LOOP (Landholder Origination & Offsets Platform), an online map-based tool.


Biodiversity offset strategic advisory

Designing integrated and sustainable nature and biodiversity offset strategies.

Credit brokerage

Supporting landholders and businesses to build nature-based projects.

Naturetech and data management

Innovating technology to support the management of nature data to enable a transparent and just transition to net zero and nature positive.

Natural capital and biodiversity offsetting services:
  • Biodiversity offset strategy and procurement planning
  • Naturetech, geospatial and data management
  • Credit origination and supply
  • Offset policy support
  • Biodiversity offset credit brokerage
  • Biodiversity Offsets Exchange (BOE) database

Selected Projects

Key People

  • Simon Tweed B Env Sc (Hons)

    Manager – Natural Capital Strategy

  • Dr Amanda Griffith BSc (Hons), PhD

    Manager – Natural Capital Supply