New “Jebins” artwork in our Brisbane office

September 26, 2023

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Niche’s Brisbane office

Talented artist Ngarijan Rosser-Bonner visited our Queensland head office in Brisbane (Turrbal and Jagera Country) to celebrate with us as we officially welcomed her artwork, “Jebins.”
Ngarijan is a Jagera Women of the Yuggera Language Group and her captivating painting, crafted using acrylic on canvas, represents the passing down of knowledge around the journey of hunting and gathering the witchetty grub, or “jebin.” The elusive jebins, concealed within the Acacia kempeana (commonly known as Wanderrie Wattle or Witchetty Bush) and some gum trees, play a pivotal role in the painting as the artist skilfully depicts layers of delicate blossoms and rugged bark.

Pictured: Jamie Reeves (Niche Founding Partner)Dr Morgan Disspain (Manager – Heritage), Ngarijan Rosser-Bonner (Artist), Ian Rollins (Managing Director)
“My inspiration comes from when I was lucky enough to spend time in the bush. Where people in the community would hunt and gather and I would watch and sometimes get a taste,” explains Ngarijan. “As we moved to the city my mother showed me where the witchetty grubs would hide in the gum trees. The word jebin comes from the Yuggera Language Group and I knew it well as we had a dog who was fat and round like a jebin.”
“The gold in the painting represents the dream time and how it comes from practices passed. It’s paintings like these that tell a story to preserve and celebrate knowledge.”
At Niche, we take immense pride in our commitment to supporting and celebrating the extraordinary heritage of the First Nations people and we are proud to be developing our Reflect RAP with Reconciliation Australia.
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