Navigating the path to a sustainable future

Ian Rollins, Managing Director, Niche

July 25, 2023

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Exploring the intersections of biodiversity conservation, carbon offsetting, and nature restoration

As our world faces unprecedented environmental challenges, the need for sustainable choices has never been more crucial.
As part of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council’s ISC Connect conference, Niche’s will host a “deep dive” panel discussion exploring three vital avenues towards a sustainable future: biodiversity conservation, carbon offsetting, and nature repair. Each approach plays a vital role, and this discussion aims to shed light on their merits, trade-offs, and collective impact.
Session moderator Ian Rollins, Managing Director of Niche, will be joined by three subject matter experts:
Dr Blair Parsons, General Manager – Science & Design, Greening Australia
Chris Bourne, Senior Manager – Environment and Sustainability ANZ, ACCIONA
Simon Tweed, Manager – Natural Capital Strategy, Niche
To find out more, view the conference program:
Deep Dive with Niche: Navigating the Path to a Sustainable Future
10.30 am -11.10 am, Thursday 7 September 2023
ISC Connect, 5 – 7 September 2023, Melbourne
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The future looks bright at Niche – Ian Rollins shares his vision for 2023 and beyond


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