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February 8, 2023

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Niche’s incoming managing director Ian Rollins shares his vision for 2023 and beyond

Since joining Niche in November last year, I have had the privilege of meeting many exceptional people and getting to know the dynamic team culture that exists in the business. I am excited to work alongside Niche founders and senior partners, Jamie Reeves and Matt Richardson to shape the future here at Niche.

Empowering a sustainable future

The global trend towards net zero and nature positive means that the way many do business has and will continue to change across all sectors as sustainability becomes embedded as a core operating tenet.  As someone who cares deeply about creating a sustainable environment for future generations, I believe we are moving forward into a time where we must think creatively and collaborate to solve the complexities of this change.
I have spent many years of my career helping shape solutions that enable businesses to thrive in both the compliance and voluntary markets and the past few months spent here at Niche have fortified my passion for what I do. The teams working at Niche are highly skilled experts who have honed their expertise over the decades and are ideally positioned to apply their skills to the benefit of our clients, environment and communities.
“At the core of our mission, we support our clients to maximise value creation and ensure a sustainable future is achieved.”
Ian Rollins, Managing Director, Niche

Set against this backdrop of change, interdependencies between people, broader communities and the environment in many ways are becoming increasingly tangible yet complex. Providing clear and practical solutions to help make sense of this complexity is one of our key drivers here at Niche. At the core of our mission, we support our clients to maximise value creation and ensure a sustainable future is achieved. This means genuine value must be delivered twofold – to both create environmental and social outcomes that benefit the ecosystems and communities and to ensure compliance obligations are fastidiously met.
Exceeding our clients’ expectations through this shared value creation is a win, win for both our clients and the environment and it’s what motivates our teams to excel.  I am excited to lead our continual evolution and growth as we build on our strong track record in biodiversity, heritage and technology in this net zero and nature positive world.
For our people, our clients and our planet, the future looks bright at Niche!

Meet Ian Rollins

As one of Australia’s environmental leaders, Ian has 17 years of experience leading, designing and delivering large-scale environmental programs. Before joining Niche, Ian was the Chief Operating Officer of Greening Australia and Managing Director of Canopy, Australia’s largest carbon reforestation company. Combined with an international career with mining companies such as BHP, South32 and Old Castle, he has gained practical insight into the land, resources, energy and agricultural sectors and has honed an exceptional ability to identify and develop natural capital projects through environmental markets.
Ian is a passionate, innovative, and future-focused leader who enjoys helping teams successfully navigate the intersection between commercial and environmental outcomes. His experience growing businesses in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors has provided him a unique advantage to identify and develop win-win solutions for business, communities and the environment.
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