Create and sell biodiversity credits through conservation

Under the NSW Biodiversity Offset Scheme (BOS) and owners can create and sell biodiversity credits on their land by protecting and managing areas with natural biodiversity value. This is because, under the BOS, developers who clear native vegetation or impact biodiversity, must provide or purchase biodiversity offsets to compensate for the loss of biodiversity values from their development site. The biodiversity offsets required are calculated in terms of “credits”.
The scheme was established under the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 (BC Act). The result of this legislation is that there is a market for biodiversity “credits” under the scheme. These credits are created by establishing a Biodiversity Stewardship Site on private land, through a Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement between the landowner and the NSW Minister for the Environment, which is administered by the Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT).

By establishing a Biodiversity Stewardship Site over some or all of your property, you can:


  • Conserve the site’s biodiversity values into the future
  • Retain your land in private management and ownership
  • Generate revenue from the proceeds of selling your credits
  • Earn an income for managing the land for conservation, in perpetuity
  • Use the Biodiversity Stewardship Site for other compatible purposes such as ecotourism activities or cultural uses

For landholders in NSW, biodiversity offsetting is an innovative way to generate an additional income from the land, while providing positive outcomes for the environment.
Niche works with landowners and managers to guide them through the process of establishing a conservation site, generating and selling credits.

How can we help?

Niche has more experience in biodiversity offsetting assessment and site establishment than any other consultancy in NSW. Over the past decade, our team has:
– Assessed more than 330 potential Biobank/Biodiversity Stewardship Sites

– Established over 4,300 ha of Biobank sites

– Established (completed or in process) almost 33,000 ha of Biodiversity Stewardship Sites

– Evaluated over 320,000 ha of land through preliminary Biodiversity Stewardship assessments

– Established over 40 offset sites, including the first Biodiversity Stewardship Site under the BOS

Is your land suitable for a Biodiversity Stewardship Site?

Niche works with landowners and managers, guiding them through the process of establishing a conservation site, generating credits and selling credits.
To help landholders take the first step in assessing the potential of their land for conservation, we’ve developed the LOOP, our Landholder Offsets and Origination Portal. The LOOP allows for online and efficient interrogation of the biodiversity potential of your site and provision of feasibility assessments.
To register your interest and better understand the suitability of your site, please click on the below link.
Note you will need the following information:
Name and contact details (email and phone)
Street address
Property name, Lot and DPs.
Follow the instructions to submit your land information and a Niche staff member will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your site with you.
Can’t get the form to work for you? Please contact us directly for assistance.

What our landholder clients say

“As farmers we feel that this is a great opportunity for us to participate in helping protect a diverse patch of threatened ecological communities and species on private land. We adore the uniqueness of the property and this will allow future generations to enjoy a diverse landscape in a world that’s leaning towards monocultures for mass food production”.
Owners of Journey’s End West Biodiversity Stewardship Site, near Hill End, NSW

Key people

  • Dr Amanda Griffith BSc (Hons), PhD

    Manager – Natural Capital Supply

  • Simon Tweed B Env Sc (Hons)

    Manager – Natural Capital Strategy