Catriona Graham
Consultant - Heritage

Meet our team: Catriona Graham, Consultant- Heritage

Catriona Graham is a passionate and motivated heritage consultant on Niche’s NSW heritage team. In 2018, Catriona graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Arts (Majors in Archaeology and Anthropology) and then obtained a Masters of Archaeological and Evolutionary Sciences in 2020.

Catriona has worked on archaeological material from sites in Queensland and Victoria. In addition, she has experience in fieldwork and surveying in New South Whales and the Australian Capital Territory. Her work has even brought her as far as Vanuatu and the United Kingdom (with a lot more still to come!).

Catriona describes herself as enthusiastic and hardworking with a passion for the outdoors. She strives to bring her dedication and love of archaeology and cultural heritage to all aspects of her work…. “I aim to build on my field and archaeological experience, and by working with and supporting my team, help to gain the best outcomes for clients and interest groups.”

Joining Niche’s multidisciplinary consulting team back in 2021, Catriona is currently based at our Port Macquarie office and splits her time between fieldwork throughout regional NSW and in the office. At Niche, Catriona has been involved in projects in infrastructure and development. In addition, she has been involved in the development of Aboriginal Objects Due Diligence Assessments, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessments, Archaeological Reports and community consultations, to name a few. She has specifically enjoyed listening and learning to the stories and experiences of the communities whose land she has worked on.

“Working as a heritage consultant has given me opportunities to work on a diverse range of projects and to be directly involved in providing beneficial outcomes for the relevant communities.”

So far, Catriona has appreciated Niche’s friendly and collaborative team culture, along with the opportunities Niche’s provides for mentorship and career development, explaining that knowledge and expertise are always at her fingertips! Catriona especially notes Discipline Manager Morgan Disspain for her excellent team leadership “Morgan always has time for our team, being incredibly supportive, friendly and professional!” At Niche, Catriona has felt that her skills and expertise are continuously evolving and that the high level of care that Niche offers has enabled her to grow in her role and career.

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