Hughenden Irrigation Project –
Terrestrial Ecological Assessments

Client: Jacobs on behalf of the Hughenden Irrigation Project Corporation
Industry sector: Water
Services: Ecology
Location: Hughenden, Flinders Shire, QLD

About this Project

The project – Preliminary and Targeted Seasonal Terrestrial Ecological Assessments

The Hughenden Irrigation Project aims to establish a large-scale reliable water source to support irrigated agricultural enterprises within the district of Hughenden, Queensland. The project would involve the construction of a large capacity dam on Stewart Creek and Back Valley Creek, gravity diversion infrastructure and a delivery system to irrigate areas to the south of the Flinders River.

Our role in the project

Niche was commissioned to carry out the terrestrial ecological assessment component for the project’s Detailed Business Case. As part of the assessment, Niche undertook preliminary ecological surveys and targeted seasonal ecological surveys of the proposed action area (project site) to inform project constraints.

The advantages we delivered to this project

Our field plan sought to maximise project efficiencies, sufficiently informing risk, cost, and design considerations whilst minimising the need for investigative rework during later project stages.

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