Cannington Intelligent
Land Management

Client: South32
Industry sector: Mining (silver and lead)
Services: Strategic land assessment, ecology and biodiversity, social impact, cultural heritage, sustainability
Location: Cloncurry, North West Queensland

About this Project

The project

South32 implemented Intelligent Land Management (ILM) – a framework for land management designed to transform land holdings or areas being rehabilitated into areas that increase climate resilience and generate shared financial, social and environmental value. After delivering the ILM assessment for South32’s Illawarra Metallurgical Coal operations, Niche partnered with Pershke Consulting to deliver the ILM assessment for South32’s Cannington Operations.

Our role in the project

The ILM process allowed an opportunity to step back from day to day requirements of Cannington Operations and assess where value could be realised for South32, the local communities, or the environment through the implementation of specific programs.

Niche considered the history and future of the Cannington Operations, and the potential opportunities to contribute to the environmental social and cultural fabric of the region when identifying potential programs that could be implemented. This context analysis involved targeted engagement of key internal stakeholders to bring together a comprehensive understanding of the operations and opportunities.

“Such strategic land assessments are rewarding projects to be a part of and can provide tangible benefits to our clients, local communities and environmental values.”

We evaluated each of these identified programs against a range of criteria including their possible benefits to the environmental, social and cultural values along with the timeframe for implementation and stakeholders required to be engaged. The evaluation also considered any financial implications for South32.

Along with the context analysis and evaluated programs, potential implementation plans were provided to South32, who can now implement programs as they align to South32 priorities.

Providing benefits to communities and environments

South32’s ILM project demonstrates their commitment to providing benefit to the communities and environments in which they work. Having the opportunity to identify innovative programs to enhance values within the region is highly rewarding.

The advantages we delivered to this project

  • Experienced ecology and cultural heritage consultants
  • Excellent collaborative working relationships with project stakeholders and delivery partner
  • Detailed options analysis of opportunities for South32 to implement trough the remaining mine life and to consider in closure planning

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