Meet the team: Rochelle Bensted, Senior Associate – Heritage

June 30, 2023

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Niche’s Victoria team is expanding!

We are delighted to introduce Rochelle, the new Senior Associate in our Victorian heritage team at Niche. With a strong background in Indigenous cultural heritage management and a genuine passion for preserving our rich heritage, Rochelle brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team and clients.

Get to know Rochelle

Rochelle holds a Bachelor of Archaeology with Honours from La Trobe University, a testament to her dedication and commitment to her field. Having joined Niche in early June, she has already made a remarkable impact on our team and projects.
Hailing from Werribee in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Rochelle has lived in Victoria her entire life and has a deep appreciation for the diverse heritage sites the state has to offer. Her previous experience in commercial archaeology, managing Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs) and assessments of increasing complexity, has laid a strong foundation for her role at Niche.
Rochelle’s commitment to continuous improvement and her drive to push the boundaries are evident in her work. She consistently seeks ways to enhance field recording standards and report writing processes. For Rochelle, a successful project outcome is one that fosters thorough communication and satisfies all parties involved, allowing for progress and collaboration.
What Rochelle finds most fulfilling about her role as a heritage advisor in Victoria is the opportunity for perpetual learning and growth. Each project and environment bring new challenges and the chance to expand her knowledge and expertise. One of her standout experiences was working on the Warrnambool Line Upgrade Stage 1 Works, managing CHMP amendments, historical assessments, and compliance. Collaborating with a fantastic team made the project particularly memorable.


Life at Niche

Rochelle’s passion for archaeology and her fascination with ancient history inspired her to pursue a career in heritage. The chance to work in an amazing team and a collaborative environment was a significant draw to Niche. She values the supportive and knowledgeable culture that permeates the company, where colleagues readily offer assistance and guidance. She has expanded her knowledge of heritage legislation and processes outside Victoria, while also honing her stakeholder engagement skills. Rochelle is excited about further professional development opportunities that await her at Niche.
The flexibility and commitment to work-life balance offered by Niche are some of the aspects Rochelle appreciates most. She also values the generous employee benefits, including, which prioritise employee well-being.
For those considering joining Niche’s heritage consulting team, Rochelle’s advice is unequivocal: seize the opportunity. The exceptional team and collaborative culture make Niche an ideal environment for personal and professional growth.
Rochelle’s expertise and passion for heritage conservation make her an invaluable member of our Niche family. We are delighted to have her on board, contributing to our mission of delivering exceptional heritage solutions.

Would you like to join our team?

Due to a strong pipeline of interesting work for great clients, Niche is currently recruiting in NSW and Qld.
To find out more about current opportunities to join our team and – the many great employee benefits we offer – visit our Culture and Careers page.
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