Meet the team: Lauren Roach, Graduate Consultant – Heritage

July 19, 2023

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Niche’s new Graduate Consultant

Lauren is an archaeologist with a deep passion for preserving Aboriginal Australian rock art, particularly in the magnificent Blue Mountains region. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Advanced Studies, majoring in Archaeology and Ancient History, from the University of Sydney. Currently undertaking Honours in Archaeology, Lauren’s academic pursuits and experience in the field have provided her with a solid foundation to delve into the world of heritage preservation.

Lauren conducting fieldwork excavation in the Blue Mountains of a rock shelter with USYD.

Get to know Lauren

Born and raised in Sydney, NSW, Lauren is drawn to the unique heritage sites and landscapes the state has to offer.  So far, her work primarily has revolved around the Blue Mountains area, where she has conducted extensive fieldwork on Indigenous sites. From excavating rock shelters to surveying lithic scatters and stone arrangements, Lauren has immersed herself in the rich cultural heritage of the region. Her honours thesis focuses specifically on rock art sites, reflecting her dedication to the preservation and respect of these important Indigenous landmarks.
Lauren firmly believes that archaeologists have a responsibility to assist in the recording and monitoring of Indigenous sites across Australia. She recognises the vast number of sites that have yet to be properly documented and emphasises the importance of preservation and respect.
While Lauren’s previous experience lies mostly within university research, her passion for archaeology and history has guided her career path. Inspired by a family member who is an archaeologist in Australia, Lauren embarked on her journey from an early age, driven by a desire to contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage.

Life at Niche

When it comes to her first impressions of Niche, Lauren emphasises the warmth and helpfulness of her colleagues. The close-knit and friendly working environment has made her transition seamless. She particularly appreciates the flexible working arrangements, which have allowed her to balance her role as a graduate consultant with her ongoing honours studies.
“Niche has been incredibly understanding and helpful in allowing me to begin work as a graduate consultant while simultaneously completing my thesis,” says Lauren.
Within her team, Lauren experiences a culture of cooperation and mutual assistance. Each member contributes their expertise to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients, and for our heritage.
As for employee benefits, Lauren highly values the Niche professional development scheme. This program enables employees to continually learn and improve their skills, ultimately contributing to their growth as professionals as they become masters of their craft.
“Lauren’s dedication to preserving Aboriginal rock art in the Blue Mountains is inspiring,” commented heritage manager Dr Morgan Disspain. “We are thrilled to have Lauren as part of our Niche family, and contributing as we support our clients through best practice in cultural heritage management. With her academic background, experience in the field, passion for heritage, and the support of our team at Niche, Lauren is poised to make a significant impact in the field of archaeology and cultural heritage management as she grows in her role with us.”
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