Dr Morgan Disspain offers insights into the fishing practices of past Aboriginal inhabitants of Western NSW

November 23, 2023

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Australian Archaeological Conference 2023

Dr Morgan Disspain is a highly experienced professional in the field of archaeology, an archaeological fish otolith expert, and manager of Niche’s heritage teams in NSW and QLD.
Morgan has a passion for preserving and honouring the rich cultural heritage of Aboriginal communities and through her work has been instrumental in fostering meaningful connections between past and present. Morgan brings a wealth of expertise to our organisation and clients, and this December will be sharing her poster with peers at the Australian Archaeological Association Annual Conference 2023.

Morgan’s contribution at AAA 2023

Morgan is the primary author of a poster to be presented at the conference entitled Baarka/Darling Perch: Morphological and chemical analysis of archaeological otoliths from Western NSW. In the poster, Morgan describes how fish otoliths were recovered during archaeological excavations associated with the development of the Wentworth to Broken Hill Pipeline. The otoliths originated from a midden site, located on the floodplain of the Darling Anabranch to the north of Wentworth in New South Wales.
“The poster presents the results of the analysis of the otolith assemblage, including morphological analysis, radiocarbon dating, and trace element analysis of the entire internal surface of a selection of samples,” Morgan explains.
“This study provides insight into the fishing practices of past Aboriginal inhabitants of the area and demonstrates the benefit of incorporating innovative approaches in a consulting capacity to produce valuable research results.”
Through projects like Morgan’s, we are able to enhance our understanding of the past, preserve cultural identities, and empower local communities to participate actively in the management of their heritage. This approach creates opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and a sustainable future that respects and celebrates the diversity of our heritage.
At Niche, we are proud to have Morgan as a leader, driving forward our commitment to projects that deliver benefits to our heritage and communities.
AAA 2023 Conference takes place 5-8 December in Gold Coast, QLD. For information, visit the conference website.

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