Ben Slack
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Meet our team: Ben Slack

Ben joined Niche’s NSW heritage team as Senior Heritage Consultant, bringing with him seven years of experience as an Aboriginal and historic heritage consultant, along with demonstrated experience consulting in the construction and mining sectors.
Ben describes himself as an easy-going, positive and hardworking professional. He grew up in Newcastle, however, studied abroad in London for two years. Ben is a dual citizen of England and Australia, a huge lover of all food (however his favourite is French cuisine), enjoys playing soccer for his local team the Cookhills and is a father of three! When asked why he chose his career Ben answered, “Going through high school, history was a great passion of mine…it seemed pretty natural to go into archaeology and heritage”.
Ben enjoys heritage consulting for the spectacular places he visits, the amazing people he meets and the knowledge he learns, especially from working with Traditional Owners. Describing a favourite moment in his career, Ben chose to spotlight an excavation in Western Australia: “My standout moment was an excavation at the Fitzroy River, I was on a time crunch and needed to assist in removing skeletal remains before the river washed them away…. we were able to repatriate eighty Aboriginal remains…it was very rewarding to be a part of this excavation!”
However, Ben also notes it’s difficulties; “In heritage we work in a hard space, between the client, Aboriginal party and council it can be hard to keep everybody happy”. Ben has particularly respected how Niche fulfils our commitments to all relevant parties in a project, especially when working in a sector that needs to jungle juggle competing demands.

Working at Niche

Describing Niche with the words “flexible, professional and approachable”, Niche stood out to Ben for our large and friendly team. “My first impressions of Niche were that the team was really friendly and supportive! It’s also great to have the opportunity to work in a larger team with many experienced professionals”. Ben explains further… “I have noticed my skills improve through working closely with the team, as each of my colleagues has their own specialties, just through speaking with them, I have watched my skillset improve, which has been amazing!”

Ben particularly noticed Niche’s high standard of integrity, as well as care and support for its employees. He explains…

“Niche gave me the support I needed through providing the unique opportunity to work remotely even before Covid-19, this flexibility is especially important to me with three young kids.”

Ben continued by noting his team’s helpful and welcoming attitudes. “When I first started, Morgan my manager was very helpful and generous with her time. Really everybody was great!”

Ben has brought with him valuable knowledge and expertise; Niche is very excited to see how Ben will continue to grow and deliver excellence within his role.
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