Ravenswood Gold Mine

Client: Resolute Mining Limited
Industry sector: Mining and resources
Services: Heritage management
Location: North Queensland

About this Project

The project

Niche has been utilising its extensive experience dealing with Queensland State heritage place issues and assisting Resolute Mining Limited with a complex project in north Queensland.

The historic gold mining town of Ravenswood, a significant early mining region in the State’s north, has been mined for gold for nearly 150 years. The landscape around the town is dotted with remnants of the many failed and successful attempts to mine gold in the area, and evidence of the occupation and use of the region by the miners, their families and associated businesses.

The remnants of the Mabel Mill Tailing Treatment Works, one of numerous reminders of the various attempts to mine and process ore for gold are pictured.

Our role in this project

Part of this landscape was entered in the Queensland Heritage Register. As part of planned expansion of the existing mining operations, Niche has been working closely with the mining company, the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, and the Queensland Heritage Council to explore ways to mitigate potential impacts and develop opportunities to reveal important aspects of Queensland’s history through extensive conservation management and archaeological investigations.

Opportunities and outcomes

This extensive project is being prepared in parallel with other important initiatives, including enhanced tourism opportunities to ensure the sustainability of this out of the way north Queensland town, and possible educational outcomes for Queensland school students and university archaeology and cultural heritage management programs.

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