Environmental services for road projects

Biodiversity assessment

Environmental offsets and BioBanking

Archaeology and cultural heritage management

Environmental services for land development

Research and monitoring

Environmental assessment and approval

Exploration and mining

Freshwater ecology

GIS and remote sensing

Marine and coastal ecology

Mine site rehabilitation

Excellence in your environment

Niche Environment and Heritage is a multidisciplinary consultancy specialising in ecology, cultural heritage management, environmental approvals and biodiversity offsetting. Established in 2009, Niche has successfully delivered more than 1500 projects to clients across eastern Australia. Our 40-strong team includes ecologists, botanists, archaeologists and environmental engineers.

We understand environmental and heritage legislation and how it applies to your project on the ground. Niche will guide your project through the planning and approvals process to its successful implementation while ensuring appropriate environmental and cultural heritage conservation. At Niche, these are our responsibilities.

Our core services

  • Ecology
    Terrestrial, freshwater, marine
    Research and monitoring
  • Cultural heritage management
    Aboriginal archaeology
    Non-Aboriginal archaeology
    Built heritage
  • Environmental management
    Assessments, approvals, rehabilitation
    Consultation, project management
  • Environmental offsetting
    Biobanking (NSW)
    Assessments (NSW, QLD, Federal)
    Strategy, brokerage, site management
    Conservation agreements

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