Natural capital strategies support sustainable development by addressing business impacts and dependencies on nature.

Natural capital refers to the earth’s renewable and non-renewable resources and ecosystems, including forests, soils, air, water, and biodiversity. These natural assets provide valuable services that support human life and economic activity.

We deliver strategic advice to design powerful and impactful nature-orientated strategies. Working with our clients, we leverage our deep knowledge and experience in ecosystems, biodiversity offsets, cultural heritage and data analysis to develop natural capital strategies that benefit both the demand side and the supply side, and nature.

With the right strategic advice early in a project’s planning phase, it is possible to maximise avoidance of biodiversity impacts, meet offset requirements efficiently and then provide additional opportunities for nature-positive outcomes beyond compliance.

For landholders, offset credit origination and supply present a unique opportunity. In New South Wales, under the Biodiversity Offset Scheme (BOS), landholders with land containing biodiversity values can sell biodiversity credits to developers seeking to meet their project’s obligations while retaining ownership of their land and managing it as a biodiversity offset site.

We have considerable experience brokering the purchase and sales of biodiversity offset credits and have developed our own unique Biodiversity Offset Exchange (BOE) database, allowing our team to match credit demand and supply in an instant. Matching the offset credit needs of our development clients with the biodiversity offsetting resources of our landowner clients provides exceptional commercial and environmental outcomes.

Natural capital and biodiversity offsetting advisory services:

  • Biodiversity offset strategy and procurement planning
  • Naturetech, geospatial and data management
  • Credit origination and supply
  • Offset policy support
  • Biodiversity offset credit brokerage
  • Biodiversity Offsets Exchange (BOE) database