Niche’s aquatic ecology expertise include working on projects encompassing marine, estuarine, coastal, temperate, tropical reef and deep-water ecosystems.

We are experienced working with local, state and federal government agencies, port operators, utilities providers, mining, linear and major infrastructure and coastal developments along Australia’s eastern seaboard. Our experienced marine and coastal ecology team provides the specialist skills required to ensure we give the best advice to assist our clients in meeting their environmental obligations and consent requirements.

Our marine, coastal and estuarine ecology service include:

  • Specialist marine ecology and impact assessments
  • Specialist surveys of fish, shorebirds and marine mammals
  • Estuarine habitat and seagrass mapping
  • Intertidal and subtidal surveys of reef and estuarine biota in temperate and tropical regions
  • Benthic infauna sampling and specialist laboratory identification
  • Water quality assessment and monitoring
  • Monitoring program design and implementation
  • Assessment, survey and management of threatened coastal, estuarine and marine species and communities
  • Coastal and estuarine monitoring for wastewater outfall, dredging works, beach nourishment programs and coastal developments

  • Assessment and survey for decommissioning of coastal and marine infrastructure
  • Collection and assessment of marine contaminants amongst sediments, water and biota
  • Access to scientific diving teams and the latest survey technologies, using remotely deployed camera systems and satellite imagery
  • Aquatic habitat assessment and mapping
  • Wetland and riparian condition assessments
  • Stygofauna monitoring and assessment.

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