Niche is a leading provider with expertise in a wide range of heritage services. We provide our clients with a complete heritage solution package – from advice, desktop analysis and field assessment to management strategies, applications, agreement development and execution.

Our team consists of archaeologists and architects. We have an established record in delivering effective solutions and responding to complex statutory requirements to meet the needs of clients, regulatory authorities and traditional owner groups across eastern and northern Australia.

We deliver projects in complex heritage environments that add value for our clients and their communities.

We specialise in a range of heritage services from desktop preliminary advice and due diligence assessments, and applications to large scale surveys, archaeological testing programs and open-area excavations. We also assess built heritage, including the identification of heritage fabric, and the assessment of its condition and significance.

Well-designed assessments, exceptional research and clear documentation provide our clients with a defined heritage framework within which to operate. Our work is well regarded and we pride ourselves on maintaining strong relationships with our clients, the regulators and Aboriginal communities.

Aboriginal and historical heritage management services:

  • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessments
  • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plans
  • Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permits
  • Due Diligence Assessments
  • Preliminary Aboriginal Heritage Tests
  • Historical heritage survey, assessment and archaeological excavation
  • Conservation Management Plans and Heritage Interpretation Strategies
  • Statement of Heritage Impacts
  • Built heritage design advice, feasibility studies, approvals and permits
  • Adaptive reuse, alterations and additions to heritage buildings

  • Photographic archival recording
  • Fish otolith analysis
  • Community consultation and negotiation
  • Expert witnesses and peer review