Our team has the experience, expertise and technology to add value to projects and organisations through efficient data collection and data management processes.

The Niche GIS team has extensive experience and the technical skills and technological capability to provide complex spatial solutions effectively and economically. We specialise in the management of environmental, heritage, and approvals data. Our expertise is in collection, storage, and communication through online maps and report-quality mapping. Our highly-experienced and efficient team have completed more than 3000 projects for clients across Australia, from a wide range of industry sectors including infrastructure, energy, utilities, land development and resources. Our aim is to convey spatial information effectively to meet the goals of your business.
Report-Quality Mapping 

Our knowledge of cartographic principles, combined with experience in environmental and heritage mapping requirements, allows us to deliver high-quality figures for reports, strategic planning requirements, and presentations. Our templates can be tailored and branded to meet your organisation’s style guide. All our report-quality mapping is put through a robust quality assurance process to ensure you always receive correct and accurate mapping.

Field Operations and Data Collection Support

We can support your field operations by providing critical spatial data to those in the field with accurate reference information derived from existing datasets, generated as part of your project work, or data from other field operations in progress. Your operational data can be overlayed giving your people in the field full visibility and understanding of where they are in relation to surrounding features and constraints.

Niche has experts in field data collection, we can design and develop the data collection forms for you and when used in the field, the data will be added to your spatial data warehouse in near-real time. We can also enable survey path tracking allowing you to know where has been surveyed, where are field people now and what data has been entered. If your fieldwork location has no cellular reception, the tools are still fully functional, the individual just needs to sync before and after fieldwork.

Spatial Analysis 

The GIS team is skilled in spatial analysis and relish the challenge to develop workflows and analysis methodologies that provide accurate and reliable answers to your spatial questions. The GIS team is particularly experienced in analysing risk, constraints, and modelling the predicted locations, abundance and distribution of these features across project areas. The GIS team has completed spatial analysis related to bushfire modelling, vegetation canopy and community change analysis, fauna and flora habitat modelling, viewsheds for examining impacts to heritage views and vistas and benthic habitat mapping of marine environments among many other projects. The GIS team can also perform complex multi-criteria suitability analysis and predictive modelling to help guide project decision-making.

Business Intelligence Solutions and Reporting

Having clean, complete, and accurate data is leveraged best when your whole organisation can benefit from it. We can provide a near real-time view of your field and spatial operations. Niche can deliver business analytics, data visualisation, automated reporting, data tools and data triggered alerts. Improve your decision-making process with accessible, summarised information.

Data Management

Niche can house your spatial data warehouse in a secure, robust, flexible, and accessible system. Our GIS specialists can help structure your data to achieve your business goals. Your spatial data warehouse can be the single source of truth for all operations reliant on accurate spatial data. Other benefits include data consistency checks and the ability to have data integrated from multiple simultaneous sources in near-real-time 24/7. We can configure for full data immutability: full retention of every individual change including who made it and when they made it. This makes your data auditable, and any individual change can be examined and reversed going all the way back to the foundation of the spatial data warehouse. All your spatial data will be backed up by enterprise class backup systems.

Data Cleaning

Inaccurate data can cost money and waste time. We can transform data sourced from external or legacy systems to meet your criteria. We are experienced in understanding how spatial data interacts and ensuring the information is projected correctly. We can store cleaned data for you and put validity systems in place to ensure it stays clean. We understand that the accuracy, completeness, and uniformity of data facilitates understanding and the reporting needs of your organisation.