Informing decision making through spatial data.

We convey spatial information to meet business needs, providing insight into data, improving decision making and reducing risk. We facilitate increased efficiency for stakeholders, from project managers and GIS specialists, to workers in the field and third-party contractors.

We provide field-tested systems that can be tailored to organisations’ requirements and deployed seamlessly into operations to effectively collect, store, distribute and understand spatial data.

Web maps, field apps, dashboards and reports designed to meet business requirements increase insight from project discovery to project closure, delivering powerful near real-time understanding and command of field data, spatial analysis, environmental or heritage constraints.

Insight and risk management:

  • Portfolio/landscape scale risk assessment and analysis
  • Report-quality mapping
  • Browser web maps and editing tools
  • Spatial analysis
  • Data visualisation
  • Near real-time business intelligence reporting of field and stored spatial data

Field operations support:

  • Centralised data synced to all mobile workers
  • Field apps for viewing, adding and editing data with offline support
  • Data collection workflow design
  • Training and field app support

Data management:

  • Spatial data storage design
  • Data storage with immutability in ESRI® ArcGIS Enterprise
  • Secure access control
  • Enterprise backup and recovery