Niche has expertise in freshwater ecology, survey, assessment and monitoring, and river health management.

We are experienced in working with local, state and federal government agencies, utilities providers, mining, linear infrastructure and developments affecting waterways in NSW.

We design and conduct long-term research and monitoring programs have extensive experience in applying state and Commonwealth legislation that relates to the conservation of waterways and freshwater threatened species and communities. This experience enables us to determine the aquatic assessments that may be required for your project

We have proven experience in:

  • Aquatic surveys, assessment, habitat rehabilitation and monitoring
  • Ecological condition assessment (AUSRIVAS*, SIGNAL)
  • Quantitative macroinvertebrate monitoring and statistical analysis
  • Macroinvertebrate and periphyton identification, sampling and analysis
  • Fish surveys and fish passage assessments

*Australian River Assessment System

  • Environmental flow design, assessment and monitoring
  • Water quality sampling and analysis
  • Targeted threatened species surveys
  • Surveys and assessments of invasive and introduced species
  • Collection and assessment of freshwater contaminants amongst sediments, water and biota

  • Dewatering and aquatic fauna translocation
  • Impact assessment and mitigation strategies
  • Geomorphological sampling
  • Aquatic habitat assessment and mapping
  • Wetland and riparian condition assessments
  • Stygofauna monitoring and assessment.

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