Niche’s ecology and biodiversity capability spans the lifecycle of a project, from conceptual strategic advice and legislatively driven processes (approvals, development, operations, closure and rehabilitation), to strategic advice and guidance supporting projects and companywide objectives.


Within these frameworks, our focus is on supporting sustainable development.

Terrestrial ecology:

  • Threatened species survey
  • Vegetation mapping
  • BAM assessments (NSW)
  • Conservation advice
  • Ecological monitoring and assessment
  • Constraints and opportunity analysis
  • Species Impact Statements
  • Impact Assessments (QLD)


  • Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 Referrals
  • Pre-feasibility advice
  • Site rehabilitation
  • Protected Plant Flora Surveys (QLD)

Aquatic ecology:

  • Estuarine habitat and seagrass survey and mapping
  • Ecological condition assessment (AUSRIVAS/SIGNAL)
  • Environmental flow monitoring
  • Stygofauna and groundwater dependant ecosystem survey


  • Water quality sampling
  • Invertebrate identification
  • Dewatering and fauna relocation

Biodiversity and environmental offsetting:

NSW Biodiversity Offsetting

  • Biodiversity Stewardship Site establishment and land use planning
  • Biodiversity Stewardship Site management and monitoring

QLD Environmental Offsetting

  • BioCondition Assessments
  • Terrestrial Habitat Quality Assessments
  • Significant Residual Impact Assessment
  • Offset site comparison and calculations in accordance with the Queensland Financial Offset Settlement Calculator


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