The ecology of every project is different. We work to understand the opportunities and challenges of each site, so we can support our clients’ decisions with clear, accurate and robust advice.

Our clients and their operations are located across the unique and diverse environments of Australia. Our expert team of terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecologists provide invaluable support to our clients, wherever their environment.

The Niche ecology team is well regarded by our clients and their regulators for our expertise in ecological survey and assessment, monitoring, management and training. Our team of specialist terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecologists has been partnering with our clients for many years to deliver superior outcomes for their projects and the environments in which they operate.

We have proven experience in terrestrial ecology:

  • Biodiversity assessment
  • Threatened species survey
  • Vegetation mapping
  • Accredited BAM assessors
  • Conservation advice
  • Ecological monitoring and assessment
  • Constraints and opportunity analysis
  • Species Impact Statements
  • EPBC Act referrals

  • Pre-feasibility advice
  • Site rehabilitation
  • Biodiversity management plans
  • Expert witness and peer review
Read more about our service offerings in freshwater ecology and marine and coastal ecology.