Dr Morgan Disspain offers insights into the fishing practices of past Aboriginal inhabitants of Western NSW

Morgan is the primary author of a poster to be presented at the conference entitled Baarka/Darling Perch: Morphological and chemical analysis of archaeological otoliths from Western NSW. In the poster, Morgan describes how fish otoliths were recovered during archaeological excavations associated with the development of the Wentworth to Broken Hill Pipeline. The otoliths originated from a midden site, located on the floodplain of the Darling Anabranch to the north of Wentworth in New South Wales.

Inland Rail NSW Biodiversity Offset Identification Program

Inland Rail is the largest freight rail project in Australia and one of the most significant infrastructure projects in the world. The 1,600 km freight rail line will connect Melbourne and Brisbane via regional Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.  

Designed to keep pace with Australia’s increasing freight demands, Inland Rail will transform how we move goods around Australia. The project links producers, farmers and businesses, allowing freight to be delivered faster and more reliably to our growing population, and beyond to global markets. It also means safer, less congested roads and fewer carbon emissions.

Navigating the Path to a Sustainable Future – Exploring the Intersections of Biodiversity Conservation, Carbon Offsetting, and Nature Restoration

As part of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council’s ISC Connect conference, Niche’s will host a “deep dive” panel discussion exploring three vital avenues towards a sustainable future: biodiversity conservation, carbon offsetting, and nature repair. Each approach plays a vital role, and this discussion aims to shed light on their merits, trade-offs, and collective impact.

Meet the team: Lauren Roach, Graduate Consultant- Heritage NSW

Meet the team: Lauren Roach, Graduate Consultant- Heritage, NSW Lauren is an archaeologist with a deep passion for preserving Aboriginal Australian rock art, particularly in the magnificent Blue Mountains region. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Advanced Studies, majoring in Archaeology and Ancient History, from the University of Sydney. Currently undertaking Honours in…