Menangle Park Urban Development Archaeological Services

Project outline

UrbanGrowth NSW is the NSW Government’s property developer; a state-owned corporation working in conjunction with the private sector to produce quality residential, commercial and industrial developments in NSW.

The Menangle Park urban release area is located approximately 5.5 km south west of Campbelltown in western Sydney and covers 380 hectares of land that will yield up to 2,000 residential dwellings, retail and recreation facilities, and a primary school. The project is currently in its final stages of detailed planning.

Our role

Niche Environment and Heritage was engaged by UrbanGrowth NSW to deliver archaeological consultancy services to the subdivision and infrastructure delivery phases of the Menangle Park urban development project.

Our services to the project included:

  • Aboriginal community and stakeholder consultation
  • Aboriginal heritage assessment and management plan
  • Preparation of project methodology and Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit (s90) application
  • Excavation of test pits; salvage of samples of Aboriginal objects
  • Post excavation artefact analysis and reporting


Archaeological investigations and Aboriginal cultural heritage assessments were required to assess the potential impacts to Aboriginal cultural heritage values of the proposed subdivision and subsequent residential housing development.

Development outcomes could be achieved while respecting the indigenous values of the area.

The archaeological assessment carried out by Niche built on previous work commissioned by UrbanGrowth NSW and aimed to understand in more detail the nature and distribution of Aboriginal archaeological sites within the proposed development area. In consultation with the local Aboriginal community, Niche designed a test excavation methodology and sampling strategy to investigate archaeologically sensitive areas, and then developed management strategies for the archaeological sites present in accordance with their assessed values while ensuring compliance with Aboriginal heritage management requirements.


Niche’s heritage specialists were able to resolve all matters related to the archaeological conservation areas within the Menangle Park development, and to ensure development outcomes could be achieved while respecting the indigenous values of the area.

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More information about the Menangle Park project can be found here.


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