Tahmoor South Exploration Program

Project outline

This project involved assisting Xstrata with necessary investigations, community consultation and regulatory approvals in order to conduct their Tahmoor South Exploration program. The exploration program involved drilling numerous boreholes and conducting seismic survey along numerous seismic lines in rural and urban environments, to more accurately determine the coal resource in order to inform mine planning of the proposed “Tahmoor South” mining domain.

Our role

  • Constraints analysis aided by GIS interrogation
  • Field survey of ecological, archaeological, heritage, environmental constraints
  • Preparation of several Environmental Assessments (Reviews of Environmental Factors or REF’s) for various agencies
  • Preparation of site management and  rehabilitation plans
  • Agency consultation
  • Community consultation and access agreement negotiation for seismic survey and exploration drilling activities
  • Marking out seismic lines using GIS and hand held GPS
  • Pre-clearing threatened flora and fauna surveys
  • Mapping services and data management
  • Environmental advice

Niche successfully assisted the client in obtaining the required regulatory approvals


The project area was heavily constrained by threatened flora, difficult terrain, conservation lands (National Park and Sydney Catchment Authority Drinking Catchment Area), sensitive rural and urban land uses.   Numerous approvals were required from several agencies, and approximately one hundred land access agreements were required to be negotiated with the local community within a demanding timeframe.


In addition to carefully identifying and managing the environmental constraints, Niche successfully assisted the client in obtaining the required regulatory approvals. Niche’s expertise led to the successful negotiation of the required land access agreements. These achievements allowed the exploration program to be conducted largely as planned.

Matthew Richardson, Director
Mob: 0488 224 777
Email: mrichardson@niche-eh.com

Chris McEvoy, Team Leader – Environmental Approvals
Mob: 0407 060 163
Email: cmcevoy@niche-eh.com

Tahmoor Environmental Assessment Niche

Tahmoor Environmental Assessment Niche

Tahmoor FIeld Survey Niche