Moray Fields Community Heritage

Niche has been assisting the Port Binnli Group with a community heritage project to record oral histories and stories about an early sugar plantation and historically important dairy farm in south-east Queensland.  The Moray Fields Plantation was one of the first to engage South Sea Island indentured labourers and operated between 1865 and the late 1880s.

Cameron Harvey, our Heritage Team Leader, has undertaken a number of interviews with representatives of the local South Sea Islander community.

A proactive approach to managing historical cultural heritage values

“This project is seen as a first step in a proactive approach to managing the historical cultural heritage values of this important site in the context of pre-construction development planning,” explains Cameron.

The development of the site into a business park is planned. The future Northeast Business Park will include a celebration of the site history through on-site preservation and interpretation of historical archaeological remains and an interactive educational website.

Cameron Harvey, Heritage Team Leader
Mob: 0488 224 036