Holt’s Hill Filtration Plant Conservation Management Plan

Project outline

Niche has demonstrated its capabilities to bring together a multidisciplinary approach to its cultural heritage projects by successfully delivering a conservation management plan (CMP) for the Holt’s Hill Filtration Plant at Mt Crosby, in Brisbane’s outer western suburbs.

Our role

Owned and operated by State Bulk Water Authority Seqwater, Niche in partnership with Peta Dennis (pdArchitect) and ACOR Consultants, accepted the challenge from Seqwater to prepare a new CMP.


Historically the plant had several phases of development commencing in 1915 with construction, changes to water filtering technologies made during the late 1920s and into the 1930s, followed by post-World War Two modernisation to meet increasing demand and quality requirements.

Potential strategies for implementation included interpretive signage (incidental signage at points of interest and focal displays and orientation signage), development of historical displays within commercial zones using artefacts and historical documents, and interpretive public artworks.


The Niche team worked with Seqwater and our project partners to prepare a detailed action plan for the plant which identified management priorities over the next 10 years. A maintenance plan was also prepared to define essential and routine maintenance tasks for the plant to assist Seqwater in continuing to effectively manage the heritage values associated with the site.


Photographs show (top right) the late 1940s view north-west across former slow sand filter No.5 towards Regulator Houses and Rapid Filter House (Source: Brisbane Water Supply and Sewerage Works Photograph Albums, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland, Australia), and (bottom right) an exterior view of the filtration plant’s control gallery and Rapid Filter House, part of the 1930s upgrades at Holt’s Hill.

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