Research and monitoring

Regulating authorities are requiring more rigorous research and monitoring programs to determine the impacts of developments on biodiversity, and threatened species in particular, and to monitor the success of rehabilitation works and offset strategies in providing habitat for these species.  Niche’s team of leading experts can develop cost-efficient and highly rigorous monitoring programs to satisfy the most critical review.

Niche’s expertise includes assessments of the impact of forest management practices (fire and logging) on fauna and flora, development of landscape-scale management prescriptions for threatened fauna, development of landscape-scale procedures for biodiversity monitoring, development of methods for sampling cryptic fauna and for detecting pest and prey responses to predator control, and assessments of the role of eucalypt plantings and nest boxes in restoring habitat for wildlife.

The research and monitoring team have undertaken research for the NSW Government, including research on the cost-benefits of biodiversity monitoring programs.

We liaise with stakeholders at all levels, including project proponents, forest management planners, policy makers, operational staff and community groups.  Our team also has close links with a number of universities and supervises post-graduate students.

We have proven experience in:

Research services

  • Species recovery plans and threatened species ecology
  • Species’ response to disturbance
  • Habitat restoration and supplementation
  • Experimental design and data analysis

Monitoring services

  • Design, implementation and evaluation of biodiversity monitoring programs

Scientific services

  • Development and review of conservation policy and practice
  • Peer review and scientific editing
  • Wildlife Schools – training courses in wildlife survey and identification, ecology and management


  • Forest fauna and flora, especially mammals, birds and frogs
  • Forest ecology and management for wildlife and timber production
  • Biodiversity conservation in forestry and agricultural landscapes
  • Private native forestry advice, inventory and planning
Masked Owl

Sugar Glider in nest box