Environmental offsets and BioBanking

The landscape for environmental offsets has changed considerably in the past decade. In order to achieve beneficial and sustainable outcomes, the ‘improve or maintain’ test is regularly being applied to developments seeking approval under state and Commonwealth legislation.  As such, costs associated with environmental offsetting are also rising and understanding your offset liability is now critical to your investment decisions.

At Niche, understanding biodiversity is our speciality and the application of that knowledge to environmental and biodiversity offsets is one of our core areas of business. We understand the processes and the need to build certainty into your projects. We will partner with you from pre-feasibility to project completion to deliver beneficial and sustainable outcomes that have the integrity to satisfy the government bodies who approve and regulate your projects.

The Niche team includes accredited BioBanking assessors and other senior staff who can help you define your environmental offsetting requirements.

We have proven experience in:

  • BioBanking assessments and agreements
  • Offsetting strategy definition for whole of life project or investment strategy planning
  • Pre-feasibility, offset liability estimates
  • Offset negotiation
  • Applying biodiversity offset strategies to the Commonwealth EPBC Act and NSW regulatory environments
  • Biodiversity certification
  • Calculation of offset potential or requirements using accredited BioBanking assessors
enviromental offsets