Environmental assessment and approval

Our innovative approach to environmental issues and our expert understanding of the approvals pathway allow us to efficiently and successfully deliver your project.

Advocacy for projects we believe in and for clients we respect

When we take on a project we adopt our client’s aspirations, time-frames and values. We have the experience and good working relationships with government agencies to bring your project from concept to approval.

Niche’s multidisciplinary team has the capacity and strong technical abilities to address the various environmental disciplines required for your project.  We will establish a team of Niche experts to deliver your project, and our experienced team leaders will work closely with you to develop a viable project plan.

We have proven experience in:

  • Review of environmental factors (REF)
  • EPBC* Act referrals
  • Preliminary/Initial Environment Reviews
  • Subsidence management plans (SMP)
  • Statements of environmental effects (SEE)
  • Environmental assessments, including major projects
  • Environmental Management System development and implementation
  • Project advocacy
  • Leading and co-ordinating multi-consultancy projects
  • Strategic planning reviews
  • Community liaison and landowner access negotiations
  • Community consultation reporting for exploration licences
  • Assistance with NSW Controlled Activities Approvals and NSW Part 7 Fisheries Approvals
  • Conservation planning

*Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

Environmental Assessment and Regulatory Approval

Land Access Negotiation