Archaeology and cultural heritage management

Niche is a leading provider of archaeological and cultural heritage management services. Our team has an established track record in implementing effective management solutions and responding to complex statutory requirements to meet the needs of clients, regulatory authorities and traditional owner groups.

Niche specialises in archaeological survey and excavations, ranging from desktop preliminary advice and due diligence assessments to large-scale surveys, testing programs and open-area excavations. We assess cultural heritage (including archaeological) significance and provide expert advice about regulatory and statutory requirements.

We facilitate advice and input regarding Indigenous cultural values from Aboriginal community representative groups. Our Aboriginal archaeology team has extensive experience and prides itself on good relationships with many local Aboriginal land councils and community groups. Our team ensures that projects proceed appropriately and in accordance with cultural values and required legislative protection.

Highly regarded by the regulators, Niche assisted the Office of Environment and Heritage in the preparation of the Code of Practice for the Archaeological Investigation of Aboriginal Objects in New South Wales (2010). Niche employs highly qualified archaeologists, all of whom satisfy the experience requirements for the Code of Practice.

We have proven experience in:

  • Archaeological and cultural heritage assessment
  • Aboriginal cultural heritage management plans
  • Non-indigenous heritage surveys and excavations
  • Archaeological monitoring, salvage and clearance works
  • Statements of heritage impact
  • Aboriginal heritage impact permits
  • Conservation management plans
  • Heritage regulation and compliance
  • Aboriginal objects due diligence assessment
  • Fish otolith analysis
  • Community consultation and negotiation
  • Geoarchaeological interpretation and analysis
  • Acting as expert witnesses and undertaking peer review
Archeologogy & Cultural Heritage

Archaeology and Cultural Heritage