Bruce Blunden

Bruce Blunden
NSW Regional Manager
B Nat Res (Hons), M Eng, PhD

Bruce is a professional environmental scientist and project manager with extensive experience in the successful delivery of major project approvals. He has 26 years’ experience from both the private and public sectors in development assessment, environmental management, compliance and research. Bruce has particular expertise in mining, biodiversity offsets, and linear infrastructure developments. In addition, Bruce has a flair for community consultation and the negotiation of project approvals with State and Federal Governments.

Bruce’s flagship projects include:

    • Strategic Biodiversity Offsets – Dendrobium Mine and Bulli Seam Operations for BHP Billiton / South32 – Illawarra Coal
      Negotiation of approval conditions, identification and quantification of offset lands, quantification of offsetting requirements. Excess ecosystem and species credits were generated to provide a cash positive outcome.
    • Appin Mine No 6 Vent Shaft – BHP Billiton/South32 – Illawarra Coal
      Project scoping and design, community consultation, environmental management and compliance. Development of a comprehensive Environmental Assessment for NSW and Federal Government Approvals.
    • Dendrobium Mine Area 3 – Dendrobium Mine Operations for BHP Billiton / South32 – Illawarra Coal
      Multi-disciplinary approach to mine planning to ensure impacts predicted for Dendrobium Mine were acceptable to the NSW Government. Robust assessment of subsidence impacts on surface and ground water, biodiversity and cultural heritage.

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